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Integrating on PrestaShop

Locate your humm Credentials

To integrate humm you will need your

  • Merchant Number
  • API Key

Install the Plugin

1 - Download the humm plugin.

PrestaShop 1.6: click here here

PrestaShop 1.7: click here here

2 - In your store's admin area, click Modules and Services on the left.


3 - Click Add a new module in top-right.

4 - Click Choose a file, select the plugin, then click Upload this module.


5 - From Modules List at the bottom, click Install


6 - Then click Proceed with the Installation.


Configuring humm

1 - In the Modules page, search for humm then click Configure.

Setting Description
Checkout Method Select humm
Country AU or NZ
Is Test? No
Gateway URL Leave blank

Updating the Plugin

1 - Navigate to Modules and Services.

2 - Find humm, then from the Configure drop-down select Delete > OK


4 - Install the new version of humm, see Install the Plugin.