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Integrating on Magento 2

Use the same instructions to upgrade the humm plugin to a newer release.

Locate your humm Credentials

To integrate humm you will need your

  • Merchant Number
  • API Key

Integrating humm using Composer

0 - Before installing the new Humm plugin, if you have a previous version installed, please ensure you deactivate and uninstall the old plugin before proceeding.

1 - Add the humm repository, in Magento's root directory

    composer config repositories.shophumm git

2 - Require the Humm Payment Gateway Module

    composer require humm/module-humm-payment-gateway:dev-master

3 - Enable the module

    ./bin/magento module:enable Humm_HummPaymentGateway --clear-static-content

4 - Update the database

    ./bin/magento setup:upgrade

5 - Update the DI Compile

    ./bin/magento setup:di:compile

6 - Optional to run:

    ./bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

7 - Configure humm

Plugin log file is humm-payment.log for review if you have installation issues


1 - Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods.

2 - Scroll down to Other payment methods and select Humm Payment Gateway

3 - Enter your Merchant Number and API Key and select save config in the top right of the screen.

5.png 6.png 7.png

Setting Value
Enabled Ticked
Test Mode Unticked
Merchant ID Your Merchant ID
API Key Your unique API Key
API Timeout Value is ranged from 20 to 1440(Minutes),default is 60minutes
Enable Logging Ticked
Min Order Amount Per order above Min limitation
Little Things Limit $2000 for AU and $1000 for NZ
Hold Inventory Stock (minutes) Hold stock (for unpaid orders) for x minutes. When this limit is reached, the pending order will be cancelled. range is from 20 to 1440 Minutes,default is 60 minutes
Product Widgets Select them under the Marketing Banner Widgets section,Tag Selector is the CSS selector in which widgets are inserted in and its showing on


How does Plugin support new PHP 8.1+ and Magento 2.4.4 ?

The plugin supports PHP versions its including 8.1+ and Magento2 versions from 2.0.0 to 2.4.4
PHP 8.1+ demo website

LT products and widgtes
Cart widgtes

What does different order status mean ?

all order status are showing on detail changing in the admin console-> orders->view

Status Explanation
Processing Humm payment is successful and completed
Failed Humm payment is declined , failed and error, contact if an enquire is required
Cancelled time limit reached. Order status changed from Pending payment (unpaid order) to Cancelled. Hold Inventory Stock (minutes) is config in the Humm payment Configuration->Hold Inventory Stock(minutes)
Pending Hold Inventory Stock (minutes) is leave blank to disable, unpaid pending order is still holding inventory if the Magento inventory is used on the website


How does the different widget work ?
Different Widgets are configued on the Marketing Banner Widgets

Widget Type Action
Home Page Widgets Widgets showing on the home page
Product Widgets Widgets showing on the product page