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Refund API

The Refund API allows you to programmatically process refunds or adjustments to humm purchases.

Refund Endpoints

Humm Environment URL
Production Endpoint
Sandbox Endpoint

Refund Request


Key Value
Content-Type application/json


    "x_merchant_number": "30199250",
    "x_purchase_number": "52004168",
    "x_amount": "10.00",
    "x_reason": "Test refund",
    "signature": "e39ae5f3233f561162836989e050c1b61ba9e3d5eb3d64d4b3701e95fb5850a1"

See Signature Generation for information on how to generate the HMAC Signature.


The following curl command will allow you to test the refunds API. You will need to substitute your x_merchant_number, x_purchase_number and signature

curl \
--header "Content-Type:application/json" \
--request POST \
--data '{
    "x_merchant_number": "30199250",
    "x_purchase_number": "52000152",  
    "x_amount": 45.00,
    "x_reason": "test",
    "signature": "a5fc92ddd2326c6099bd0f43bbe75afb54004a6ba68f354cc2b40328341d8ee2"
}' \

Refund Response

HTTP Status Reason Code Reason Description
204 none Success
400 MERR0001 API Key Not found
400 MERR0003 Refund Failed
400 MERR0004 Invalid Request
401 none Failed Signature Check

HTTP 400 Reason Codes

To capture the reason code for 400 errors, parse the JSON response and use the value in "Message". For example:

POST /api/ExternalRefund/v1/processrefund HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Cookie: hummueid=bc726701-3dc1-43b3-961c-8796df0477a3
Content-Length: 224

    "x_reason": "Booking Cancelled",
    "signature": "561dae20c677fc705dd511878b9bf4ba55bc3084de2efd6e53795d052d9ce778"

This returns response headers

HTTP 400 Response Headers

To capture the reason, parse the JSON

    "Message": "MERR0003"